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External collaboration
for mortgage brokers

Streamline the mortgage application process for your borrowers

Meet Tom, a client-focused mortgage broker. Tom works with borrowers/applicants, real estate agents/realtors, lenders, lawyers, and other professionals to secure financing for real estate purchases. He and his team use all sorts of tools, including mortgage origination software.

Tom trusts TakeTurns over email for collaborating with borrowers.

Tom, Mortgage Broker

All Tom needs to collaborate efficiently with his clients

Invite people to a secure workspace

Invite your counterparts and your team to a TakeTurns Collaboration. Securely share or request any file or document.

Participants just have to verify their email, it's easy and secure.
Why is it better than email?
✔ Control who has access
✔ Set roles
✔ Share any document or file
✔ Create formal file requests
✔ Invite ghosts (a better bcc:)

Collaborate turn-by-turn

Both parties take turns to review and edit content. Participants are notified when it's their turn.

You always know whose turn it is to work.
Why TakeTurns is better than email?
✔ Structure your collaborations
✔ See content & messages in one place
✔ Recall your turn (it actually works!)
✔ Set deadlines
✔ Chat with all participants

Track all file revisions

Participants upload file revisions to TakeTurns. All versions are automatically tracked.

You know who did what and when.
Why TakeTurns is better than email?
✔ See version history for every file
✔ Preview files before download
✔ Mark versions for review

Learn why mortgage brokers are adopting TakeTurns
as their go-to collaboration app

Things you can do with TakeTurns

  • Educate clients
  • Manage the mortgage pre-approval process
  • Collaborate on application
  • Request documentation from borrowers (proof of income, residency, assets, etc).
  • Collaborate on property appraisal
  • Help establish escrow accounts
  • Create a closing package
  • Manage renewals and adjustments

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