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Better accounts receivable processing with TakeTurns

Vendor reconciliation is easier in TakeTurns

Managing accounts payable in email is clumsy.  Invoices, payments, and communications between you and your vendors can easily get lost. TakeTurns is a new way to collaborate with your vendors on accounts payable activities, including but not limited to invoice processing and monthly reconciliations. Request statements and invoices from your vendors in TakeTurns to avoid manually collecting invoices by email. Provide remittance advice and payment details in TakeTurns to make it easy for your vendors to check the status of their payments. And see the status of all your payables together in one place.

TakeTurns helps you and your vendors maintain a clear picture of the status of your monthly reconciliations.
Ensure efficient accounting with the Collaboration Ledger
TakeTurns is built on an immutable and secure ledger that automatically records a timeline of your customer interactions. It contains every document you share, review, or revise, and every message you exchange with your customers, providing a comprehensive and reliable audit trail that supports follow-ups and dispute resolution.

How AP works in TakeTurns


Easily locate files in the shared workspace

Your vendor can upload statements, invoices, and any supporting documentation all in one place. Neither party will have to search their email for attachments. You’ll be able to see the status of each vendor’s reconciliation on a single screen.


Ensure the correct participants are involved

As a shared collaboration space, in TakeTurns, you have complete visibility and control over who has access. When you invite new participants to collaborate, they’ll need to verify their identities before joining the collaboration. All this helps protect the confidentiality of the information exchanged during the payables process.


Provide visibility to your vendors

Your vendors can easily see any outstanding requests you have made for documents that may be holding up their payment. Once you’ve issued payment, easily provide a check number, reference number, or tracking.
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