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Go async.

5 ways to improve how you collaborate with external parties

Collaboration apps have changed the way we work internally. But when it comes to external parties we still rely on good old email. There’s a good reason: Most apps assume spontaneous, real-time collaboration between teammates. It’s an approach that doesn’t work well when collaborating with clients, partners, vendors or external organizations.

Collaborations between two parties don’t happen in real time, they follow a more coordinated, cadenced pace where both parties have to work one after the other in order to keep it structured and transparent.

In other words, you need to work in an asynchronous way – or Go async.

In this eBook, we explore five ways to improve how you work with external parties when collaborating on documents and files. Our experts provide simple and easy-to-implement best practices so you can spend less time in your inbox and more time on your work.

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