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Better accounts receivable processing with TakeTurns

Revolutionize receivables with TakeTurns

When using email to manage accounts receivables, it is challenging to maintain continuity in communications between you and your customers. Messages and attachments get lost, resulting in confusion, frustrated customers, and delayed payments.

TakeTurns is a turn-based collaboration app where two parties take turns to share, request, or update files and documents. See how TakeTurns helps you collaborate without the chaos on accounts receivables.

TakeTurns helps both parties maintain continuity during reconciliation and after the collaboration is complete. This helps you be more responsive and deliver better customer service.
Ensure efficient accounting with the Collaboration Ledger
TakeTurns is built on an immutable and secure ledger that automatically records a timeline of your customer interactions. It contains every document you share, review, or revise, and every message you exchange with your customers, providing a comprehensive and reliable audit trail that supports follow-ups and dispute resolution.

How AR works in TakeTurns


Maintain continuity for you and your customer

Email’s lack of organization makes maintaining continuity challenging. It’s hard to keep everyone on the same page. And it's one reason why your customers can’t locate your emails or attachments. And it’s why you may find yourself sending the same invoice again and again. In TakeTurns, everything related to the transaction is well organized and available for everyone in one place throughout the collaboration.


Ensure the correct participants are involved

In TakeTurns, it’s always clear who you’ve invited and what you’ve shared. When you invite new participants to collaborate, they’ll need to verify before joining the collaboration. This ensures that only the intended recipients have access to confidential documents and files, such as invoices, purchase orders, statements, and remittance details.


Foster greater trust with your customers

Your customers use TakeTurns Requests to ask for the documentation needed to reconcile their statements (proof of invoices, credits, proof of delivery, etc.).  It’s easy for everyone to see, at a glance, the state of these requests in the collaboration. This transparency improves the level of trust between you and your customer and allows you to provide better service.
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