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Introducing Turn Recall, a feature that could save your day

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|  by
Gilles Mayer
Gilles Mayer
Senior Software Developer
Introducing Turn Recall, a feature that could save your day

Introducing Turn recall

In our latest release we’ve added a new feature called Turn Recall. (To learn more, check out our help article).

How to recall turns in TakeTurns if you make a mistake

Turn recall is like undo. It enables you to call back your last turn. It’s useful if you’ve accidentally ended your turn early, or uploaded the wrong files. Under the covers, when you execute a turn recall, TakeTurns will cancel your counterparty’s turn and return control to you.

It will be as if you never ended your turn. 

Now, of course, this all depends on timing. Provided that you execute the turn recall before your counterparty begins their work, it is a true, total recall. The other party will never see any of the content that you’d previously shared. If the other party had started working (uploading revisions or adding files) TakeTurns will warn you before executing the recall. This will give you a chance to chat, or communicate with your counterparty.

Recall doesn’t exist in email-driven collaborations

We elected to create this feature because of our experience with email. Nearly everyone has committed a galaxy of unforced errors when engaging in email-driven collaborations. This includes emailing the wrong people or sending the right people the wrong documents.

These inadvertent data disclosures are exceedingly commonplace. The big problem is once the content is in all the inboxes of all the other participants there’s no getting it back. Most of the time it’s just embarrassing, although sometimes you lose your client a billion dollars on live TV and are barred from practicing law for six months

To address this deficiency in email, organizations have: 

  • Added email disclaimers in the signature 
  • Sent the “Disregard my previous email” messages, aka the “Please read the previous email” notification.
  • Used Outlook’s message recall (or attempted to). Which (to quote Microsoft) only works if “Both parties have a Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange email account in the same organization.”

Bottom line: if you’re participating in an email-centric collaboration and you inadvertently disclose some data you have no real affirmative recourse.

And that’s why we’re especially pleased to introduce turn recall. 

Mistakes happen and we could all use an undo, every now and then. But, even better, if you’re collaborating in TakeTurns and you use turn recall what you accidentally shared vanishes, it’s not lurking about all those inboxes of all your parties waiting to “deleted.”

Get started today

TakeTurns brings structure, security, and transparency to your collaborations with features like Turn Recall. With TakeTurns, you and your parties will know whose turn it is to work, track the full history, and maintain confidentiality. Learn more in our Help Center or follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube. And when you’re ready for chaos-free collaboration: Try TakeTurns for free.

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