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TakeTurns improves

Vendor Onboarding

Vendor onboarding can be a drawn out, disorganized process. For everyone involved on the “buying” side, it's super frustrating when you want to place your order, but your vendor hasn’t supplied the documents your team needs to get them set up. Today, most onboarding is still done in email. Teams request multiple documents from the vendor, and then forward those documents and files to internal contacts who will perform vendor setup.

TakeTurns helps you and your vendors breeze through onboarding with clarity.
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Learn how to improve vendor onboarding
Vendor Onboarding Software
TakeTurns also helps you support
RFx or contract negotiation.
Streamline Onboarding with the Collaboration Ledger
TakeTurns is built on an immutable and secure ledger that is a timeline of your vendor interactions. It contains every document you share, request, or review, and every message you exchange with your vendors, ensuring clarity and efficiency throughout the process.

Stop emailing, start inviting

Invite your vendors to a secure workspace where you share and request onboarding documents. All they need to do is verify their email address. Passwordless invites are easy and secure.

There's only one thread for your entire vendor onboarding process. It's clear and transparent for everyone.
No more confusing cc: lists. You know who's in each party and what their roles are.
Share and request vendor onboarding docs in TakeTurns
Collaborate with vendors in TakeTurns

Share and collect docs turn-by-turn

It's always clear whose turn it is to work. You trade control with your vendor over the entire onboarding process to request and review documents. Should issues arise, use the built-in chat to start a discussion.
Your vendors can upload requested documents. TakeTurns replaces the disorganization created by email.

Track versions automatically

Each party can upload revisions of documents. TakeTurns automatically tracks versions so you always know who did what and when.
No more confusion on which is the last version of a file
Track vendor onboarding files versions in TakeTurns

See the big picture

With Recap, all participants can see a complete timeline of the vendor onboarding process to understand who did what and when.

Recap is great to keep track of a process, but also to get new joiners up to speed.

One-click archiving

When your vendor onboarding process is done, wrap it up to formally close it and generate a full archive with all documents and messages between parties.
Save hours of manual archiving of emails and attachments
Archive vendor onboarding documents in TakeTurns

Learn why procurement teams are adopting TakeTurns
as their go-to collaboration app

Improve the experience for you and your vendors


Parties work at their own pace while maintaining organization

Avoid divergent message threads and keep all documents pertaining to set up in one place, even if your vendor uploads them one at a time. Both parties can access the documents in the shared workspace.


Don’t persist sensitive documents in inboxes (or anywhere)

Our ephemeral storage approach means that once you wrap up, your content is removed from TakeTurns (after a grace period). You can download an archive for your records.


Improve B2B relationships with visibility

Your vendors and internal team can easily see any outstanding request you have made that may be holding up their set up and/or your purchase order.

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