TakeTurns vs Email

Effective collaboration on documents and files with your clients, partners–or any party–needs to be structured, secure, and transparent for everyone.

It’s time to stop using email with its chaotic message threads and attachments.

TakeTurns is a turn-based collaboration app where two parties take turns to share, request or update files and documents.

Unlike email, TakeTurns provides the
  structure  ,   security  , and   transparency   that collaborations require.



to your collaborations

TakeTurns adds the structure that’s been missing from email.
What’s wrong with email
What’s right with TakeTurns
You never know whose turn it is to work
Each party takes turns. It’s simple and clear
Did you send the wrong attachment? Sorry, no undo
There’s built-in undo; it’s called turn recall
It’s hard to find documents and versions across all message threads
All docs and files (and all versions!) are in one place
Requesting files means sending lots and lots of emails and reminders
There are built-in file requests with tracking
Discussions between participants mean more emails
Participants just use the built-in chat



of your collaborations

TakeTurns includes several features that make your collaborations even more secure.
What’s wrong with email
What’s right with TakeTurns
Confidential emails can be forwarded to anyone (including wrong people)
All participants are authenticated before access is granted
When you hit send, are your messages and attachments encrypted?
All interactions are encrypted
Confidential content lives in inboxes and mail servers forever
With ephemeral storage, the content is removed once both parties are done



in your collaborations

TakeTurns promotes transparency throughout the collaboration, which is essential for building trust between parties.
What’s wrong with email
What’s right with TakeTurns
When you have multiple message threads, it’s hard to figure out who’s participating
Both parties have full control and visibility over who participates at all times
When you add a recipient to an existing email thread, they have no idea of what’s been done before
Every new participant has access to the entire collaboration history to help them get up to speed
When you go on vacation, can anyone really take over for you?
Add your backup, and they get access to everything needed to support the collaboration
It’s impossible to know who did what and when
Both parties see the full history of updates and messages
Messages and docs live in many threads; there’s no way to archive them in one go
When you wrap-up a collaboration, both parties can download a full archive of messages and content