TakeTurns vs Email

It's time to rethink how we work with our counterparties

While organizations have adopted a wide array of technologies for collaboration, professionals routinely spend more time in email than anything else by a wide margin.

One big reason is that email is how we collaborate (albeit ineffectively) with counterparties inside and outside our organizations. Providing a secure turn-based collaboration platform where everyone is on equal footing is what we do at TakeTurns. 

Unlike email, TakeTurns provides the
  structure  ,   security  , and   transparency   that these kinds of collaborations demand.


TakeTurns adds the structure that’s been missing from email. You'll love saving time by avoiding searches for emails and attachments and managing your collaboration’s logistics.

Compartmentalized collaborations

All your collaboration’s files, documents, messages (and more) are contained in a shared workspace called a TakeTurns Collaboration. Having everything you need in one place makes it easy for everyone to find exactly what they’re looking for whenever they want.

Handoffs (work turn-by-turn)

Parties trade control over the collaboration (they take turns). Formal handoffs between you and your parties facilitates coordination and ensures that everyone knows whose turn it is to work.

Formal requests

When additional files or documents are required, you make TakeTurns file requests.  Unlike email-based requests, which are easily overlooked, it’s obvious when TakeTurns requests have been made and fulfilled.


In addition to best-in-class encryption and security technology, TakeTurns includes several features that make your collaborations even more secure.

Control who participates

Access to the collaboration is controlled. It’s easy to check, add, or remove participants at any time; and verify that the right people are participating. This helps you avoid misdirected emails.

Participants are authenticated

Many solutions use “links” for content access, it’s less secure because these URLs can be emailed to anyone. In TakeTurns, every participant must be registered and authenticated before accessing the collaboration.

Collaboration content is ephemeral

Unlike email, where all that sensitive collaboration content ends up in everyone’s inbox, TakeTurns schedules the removal of those files and docs once you wrap-up your collaboration; this reduces security and compliance risks.


TakeTurns includes multiple features to help you promote and maintain transparency. Fostering transparency builds trust, which is required for effective external collaborations.

History of everything

TakeTurns maintains a complete history of the entire collaboration, including every version of the files and documents exchanged. Continuity is preserved because everyone can see everything at all times.

Avoid erroneous attachments

Inspect what you’re sharing and review the content you’ve received with preview. Visual inspections reduce the chances of sending (and receiving) the wrong files.

Formal wrap up

When the collaboration is complete, you wrap-up, it's the formal process in TakeTurns for ending the collaboration. Everyone gets a complete archive/readout of the whole collaboration to comply with their record-keeping requirements.
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