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TakeTurns improves

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Customer Identification Programs (CIP) within KYC (Know Your Customer) require lots of back-and-forth document requests and questionnaires between parties. Unfortunately, most of this is done today by email, which makes it difficult to track completion and deadlines. Compliance officers spend inordinate amounts of time searching emails and attachments and sending reminders.

Use TakeTurns for KYC to remove the disorganization and inefficiency caused by email from your process.
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Learn how to improve your KYC process
Create collaboration in TakeTurns
"With TakeTurns, we can track all our KYC document collection processes in one place. No more emails!"
Steve, KYC Compliance Specialist
Enforce Integrity in KYC with the Collaboration Ledger
TakeTurns is built on a secure, immutable ledger, it’s a timeline of your KYC process. It helps you enforce integrity by recording every document and message you and your customers exchange throughout the verification process.

Stop emailing, start inviting

Invite your clients to a secure workspace where you share and request onboarding documents. All they need to do is verify their email address. Passwordless invites are easy and secure.

There's only one thread for your entire KYC process. It's clear and transparent for everyone.
No more confusing cc: lists. You know who's in each party and what their roles are.
Request KYC docs from clients in TakeTurns
Share and collect KYC docs in TakeTurns

Share and collect docs turn-by-turn

It's always clear whose turn it is to work. You trade control with the other party over the entire KYC process to request and review documents. Should issues arise, use the built-in chat to start a discussion.
Your clients can upload requested documents. TakeTurns replaces the disorganization created by email.

Track versions automatically

Each party can upload revisions of documents. TakeTurns automatically tracks versions so you always know who did what and when.
No more confusion on which is the last version of a file
Track KYC doc versions in TakeTurns
KYC compliance audit trail in TakeTurns

See the big picture

With Recap, all participants can see a complete timeline of the KYC process to understand who did what and when.

Recap is great to keep track of a process, but also to get new joiners up to speed.

One-click archiving

When your KYC process is done, wrap it up to formally close it and generate a full archive with all documents and messages between parties.
Save hours of manual archiving of emails and attachments
Archive KYC compliance docs in TakeTurns

Learn why compliance teams are adopting TakeTurns
as their go-to collaboration app

Improve the experience for you and your clients


Track requests for documents and information

TakeTurns’ turn-based format and file organization help you maintain continuity with counterparties. Both parties can easily see what requests have been fulfilled and what documentation is still needed in order to complete the KYC process.


Keep personally identifying information out of vulnerable email inboxes

TakeTurns uses an ephemeral storage approach. When the KYC process concludes, all documents are removed from TakeTurns after a grace period. This helps to keep personally identifying information confidential; it won’t persist in anyone’s email inbox.


All parties have access to a record of the collaboration

TakeTurns promotes greater transparency via wrap-up, our formal process for concluding collaborations. When you wrap up, everyone receives the same system-generated collaboration archive that includes materials that were exchanged as part of the customer identification program. This is something that can’t be done in email today. This archive can be downloaded and retained for record keeping compliance.

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