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TakeTurns improves

Value Based Selling

In Value Based Selling (VBS) organizations align their presales, sales, customer success, and even legal teams with the way their customers research & evaluate, purchase, and utilize solutions. It’s widely recognized that success comes from close collaboration and deep engagement with your prospects and customers. Effective VBS teams document how their offerings meet the unique business needs and objectives of their customers.

The practical problem is these interactions often fail because they’re sales-process-centric, happen in a disjointed manner, and involve lots of emails. This is where TakeTurns becomes invaluable for VBS teams. It transforms the process by enticing the client to share ownership of those critical documents that drive sales success and predictability. TakeTurns also centralizes content and communication, simplifying collaboration and keeping customers vested and engaged. And, as we all know, when customers are engaged in the sales cycle, you both win.
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Learn how to improve your customer engagements
Value Based Selling Software
TakeTurns also helps you support
sales proposal or contract negotiation.
Get Full Visibility Into Opportunities with the Collaboration Ledger
TakeTurns is built on an immutable and secure ledger. It’s a timeline of your collaborations with prospects and customers. It gives you full visibility by recording every document you share, review, or revise, and every message you exchange.

Stop emailing, start engaging

Invite your prospects and clients to a secure workspace where you collaborate on critical documents such as business cases, mutual success plans, proposals, and more! There's only one thread per client for your deal. It's clear and transparent for everyone.
No more confusing cc: lists. You know who's in each party and what their roles are.
Invite your customers to collaborate in TakeTurns
Share and co-author sales documents in TakeTurns

Share and co-author docs turn-by-turn

It's always clear whose turn it is to work. You trade control with your client as you mutually author, review, and revise documents. Should questions arise, use the built-in chat to start a discussion.
TakeTurns eliminates the confusion and disorganization created by email keeping everyone on the same page, engaged, and fully vested in value definition!

Track versions automatically

Each party can upload revisions of documents. TakeTurns automatically tracks versions so you always know who did what and when.
No more confusion on which is the last version of a file
Track key sales documents versions in TakeTurns
Track progress of sales collaborations in TakeTurns

See the big picture

With Recap, all participants can see a complete timeline of the deal progress to understand who did what and when.
Recap is great to keep track of a process, but also to get new joiners up to speed.

One-click archiving

When your deal is closed (congrats!), wrap it up to formally close it and generate a full archive with all documents and messages between parties.
Save hours of manual archiving of emails and attachments
Wrap-up and archive sales collaborations in TakeTurns

Learn why sales teams are adopting TakeTurns
as their go-to collaboration app

Improve the experience for you and your customers


Engage with your customers

Each customer or prospect engagement is isolated in a TakeTurns collaboration so you know whose turn it is to work and how it is progressing.


Avoid being buried in email threads

With TakeTurns, you maintain a clear line of communication with your prospects & clients to share files, request documents or even discuss issues with the built-in chat.


Keep the history of all your deals

By keeping all the documents, messages, content related to your deals in one place, both parties have complete visibility into the progress towards closing.

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