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TakeTurns improves

Document Collection

Collecting documents and files from clients, partners, vendors -or any party is a long and complex task. Once you request a file, you need to track completion but also in many cases ask for updated versions or discuss issues.

That’s why we spend time chasing email responses without knowing which request has been fulfilled or if we got the right versions.

Enter TakeTurns. With TakeTurns, you can request documents and files in a structured way and track completion. And because TakeTurns is a true collaboration tool, you can work back and forth on requested files to make sure you have everything you need.
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Learn how to improve document collection and more
Document Collection Software
Improved Document Requests with the Collaboration Ledger
TakeTurns is built on an immutable and secure ledger.  It’s a timeline of your document collection requests.  It provides complete visibility by recording requests, submitted documents, revisions, and messages exchanged with external stakeholders.

Stop emailing, start inviting

Invite people to a secure workspace where you request documents and files. All they need to do is verify their email address. Passwordless invites are easy and secure.

You can invite multiple people and set their role. It's clear and transparent for everyone.
No more confusing emails threads to chase requested files
Request documents and files in TakeTurns
Collect and collaborate in TakeTurns

Collect and collaborate, turn-by-turn

Beyond simple file collection, participants can collaborate on documents and files, turn by turn. It's always clear whose turn it is to work.  Should issues arise, use the built-in chat to start a discussion.
All file versions and discussions are in one place. TakeTurns replaces the disorganization created by email.

Track versions automatically

Each party can upload revisions of requested files. TakeTurns automatically tracks versions so you always know who did what and when.
No more confusion on which is the last version of a file
Track file versions in TakeTurns
Track progress of document collection in TakeTurns

See the big picture

With Recap, all participants can see a complete timeline of all file requests to understand who did what and when.
Recap is great to keep track of a process, but also to get new joiners up to speed.

One-click archiving

When your document collection is complete, wrap it up to formally close it and generate a full archive with all file versions and messages exchanged between parties. For enhanced security, your files expire after a grace period.
Save hours of manual archiving of emails and attachments
Archive collected files in TakeTurns

Learn why our users are adopting TakeTurns
as their go-to document collection and collaboration app

Improve the document collection experience


All your file requests in one place

Track all your file requests with external parties in one place. When parties upload a file or a revision, you are notified when it’s your turn to review


Don’t persist sensitive documents in inboxes (or anywhere)

Our ephemeral storage approach means that once you wrap up, your content is removed from TakeTurns (after a grace period). You can download an archive for your records.


Understand who did what and when

All participants know who shared what/when and if files have been updated. Transparency fosters greater trust with your counterparties.

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