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TakeTurns for Legal Professionals

From draft to close, TakeTurns helps lawyers coordinate contract reviews and negotiations

Meet Steve. Steve is an attorney. He spends his days advising his clients on legal issues. This includes collaborating with parties outside his firm to negotiate contracts, redline agreements, and review documents. Steve and his team use all sorts of tools to collaborate internally, including Word, a contract management platform, and DocuSign.  

For his external collaborations, instead of email, Steve uses TakeTurns.

Steve, Attorney at Law

A better way to work with external parties

TakeTurns is a new way to share, request, review or revise documents and files with your external parties. It’s based on the simple idea of collaborating turn-by-turn.

Here’s why Steve likes TakeTurns.

Structure contract reviews turn-by-turn

Share and negotiate contracts and legal documents in a structured way. The turn-by-turn approach makes it clear whose turn it is to work.

Structure contract reviews, turn-by-turn

Keep using the tools you like

Don’t force everyone to adopt new, cloud-based, contract editing tools. Keep using the tools you know (Microsoft Word, etc.) to redline, edit, and manage documents.

Keep using te tools you like

Obtain a full audit trail of your negotiations

Satisfy your record retention requirements with a complete archive of your negotiation (all files, every version, messages, and chats).

Obtain a full audit trail of your negotations

Version control

Keep a full history of all the documents and files, and their versions exchanged across turns. Quickly access prior versions with the click of a button.

Version control

Control who participates

Invite all stakeholders and resources (clients, firm experts) to the review. Access to full history ensures that every participant comes up to speed more quickly.

Control who participates

Maintain confidentiality and security

Avoid duplicating every document and all their versions in everyone’s inboxes. With TakeTurns, files are secure and disappear after a negotiation is closed.

Maintain confidentiality and security

Track all your document requests

See what was requested, what was received, and the state of any outstanding document requests.

Track all your document requests

Create closing binders

Create and share a package containing all approved and signature-ready versions of the documents.

Create closing binders

Things you can do with TakeTurns

Share, review & revise legal documents

  • NDAs
  • Contracts
  • Shareholder agreement
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy policy
  • Bylaws
  • Share Purchase Agreement
  • Reps & Warranties
  • Employee Agreement
  • Stock option plan
  • Escrow agreement
  • Engagement letter

Request legal documents

  • Proof of incorporation
  • Employee information
  • Trademark certificate
  • Immigration filling
  • Intellectual property

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