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Front-end Developer


Who We Are

We are TakeTurns, a brand new SaaS startup founded in 2021. Headquartered in Paris, France with team members across the globe.We recently launched a new kind of collaboration service targeting users across the world from independent professionals to large enterprises. You can find more information about our application at

We have a strong track record of delivering high quality enterprise-scale solutions and software. We’re looking for new members to help us tackle our backlog of awesome features sure to amaze and delight our customers.

What You'll Do

Our application has been designed from day one to be highly scalable, resilient, and global with high standards of quality. For this, we have built a team of strong performers with an appetite for software craftsmanship. Clean architecture, clean code, DevSecOps are as many examples of practices and disciplines that we are cultivating.

You will join our Front-end development team, composed of 3 software developers. They implement our web application, our mobile application and our GraphQL gateway. For those, we are using micro front-ends, real time synchronization, event sourcing, CQRS...

While you can focus on the Front-end of the application, we believe it is important that everyone on the team gets a feel for the entire application, its architecture, and understand what everyone else is working on.

At TakeTurns, we recognize that success is shared. As such, we consider how well we progress as a team, not how well we do as individuals. Mutual assistance is one of our core values. As such, asking for it is as important as providing it.

Our organization is open and inclusive to any new proposition or any new way of doing things. We expect you to be a part of it.

Who You Are

You’re looking for an adventure. You have a desire to craft sustainable softwares. You believe you have something novel you can bring to our team –your skills, your experience, your potential or your motivation or all of the above. You are also fluent in React, Typescript and GraphQL especially when it comes to real-time and cache management. Often working in English with our colleagues in the US and for all our documentation, a good level of writing and speaking is expected.

What We Offer

Great teammates in a great company!!

But also:

  • Recent and exciting technologies, techniques, tools and architectures.
  • The serious consideration of your ideas, opinions and suggestions.
  • Remote working with flexible hours and coworking spaces if needed.
  • Frequent team meetings in different locations.
  • A competitive compensation, including generous equity grants

What we use

  • Micro-front-ends, module federation, event-sourcing, micro-services
  • React, Typescript, GraphQL, Recoil, Webpack, Java, SpringBoot, Kotlin, CDK, Helm
  • Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, Eclipse, IntelliJ (or the one you prefer)
  • Apollo Server, AppSync, Lambda, Cognito, S3, OpenSearch, Kubernetes (EKS), EC2,
  • CloudWatch, Jaeger, Loki, Prometheus, Grafana, Rancher,
  • Apache Pulsar, Apache Cassandra, PostgresQL
  • Jira, Confluence, Gitlab, GitKraken, Sonar

How to apply

Please email us at Please include a resume or a link to your LinkedIn, as well as links to anything you've built online that you'd like to share with us (GitHub, Dribbble, personal website, etc.).

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