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Introducing the all-new TakeTurns
We’re thrilled to introduce the all-new TakeTurns. It’s our first major release since launch. It’s the result of feedback we received from our awesome user base. We think this update makes TakeTurns the safest, easiest way to work with people outside your organization.
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TakeTurns for

Confidential & Private Content Exchange

Use TakeTurns to share or collect sensitive documents and files when you work with people outside your organization. With built-in data protections, your organization can uphold higher security and privacy protection standards for everyone.

It all starts with a TakeTurns Flow™

Control and verify who you’re working with

Only invitees can access your Flow; it’s easy, they just verify their email.  Including only those that “need to know,” you maintain a high degree of confidentiality and reduce the risk of accidental data disclosures.

Create collaboration in TakeTurns

Securely share or request files

Create one place for parties to access confidential content and reduce risk by avoiding the proliferation of attachments in inboxes. Also, parties have complete control, they can revise, remove, or recall the documents and files at any time.

Create collaboration in TakeTurns

Keep communications private

Reduce the risk of data leakage by using the built-in chat to communicate with your participants—there is no need to resort to email. Keeping confidential documents and communications together reduces miscommunication.

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See who did what and when

See a complete timeline that includes every document and revision exchanged, request, and message sent. The audit trail ensures transparency and accountability for everyone involved.

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Set expiration dates on your confidential content

Unlike email, TakeTurns doesn’t store your data forever. It schedules the removal of confidential content to comply with privacy regulations—GDPR, CCPA, etc—and avoid data breach risks. Before removal, participants can download complete archives to meet record retention rules.

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