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TakeTurns goes mobile + new plan for the new year

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Mickaël Chevalier
Mickaël Chevalier
Co-founder & CTO
TakeTurns goes mobile + new plan for the new year

🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉

We hope improving your external collaborations is on your New Year’s resolution list … ‘cause it’s certainly on ours!

Our mission at TakeTurns is to help professionals improve how they work on documents and files with external stakeholders such as clients, partners or vendors. Who doesn't want to add more security, transparency and structure to those critical collaborations in 2024?

To ring in the year, we have a couple of exciting announcements.

TakeTurns Goes Mobile

TakeTurns is now available for all mobile devices, including iOS and Android.  The best part is that you and the people you invite to collaborate don’t need to install anything from an app store. Just visit on your phone or tablet. You can use TakeTurns in any mobile browser or add it to your home screen.

TakeTurns mobile screenshots

New Plan for Larger Organizations

We’re also introducing a new subscription plan called ULTIMATE, for larger organizations who wish to customize pricing to scale with their needs. To get more details and contact sales, check out our plan page

Best wishes for 2024!

The TakeTurns Team

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