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Introducing the all-new TakeTurns
We’re thrilled to introduce the all-new TakeTurns. It’s our first major release since launch. It’s the result of feedback we received from our awesome user base. We think this update makes TakeTurns the safest, easiest way to work with people outside your organization.
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TakeTurns for

Due Diligence

TakeTurns helps streamline due diligence. Replace that clunky combination of email, attachments, and file sharing with a single TakeTurns flow. It’s one place for you to share documents and requests to keep track of everything.

It all starts with a TakeTurns Flow™

Invite your target organization to a secure workspace

Participants join your Flow without having to sign up, they just verify their email. Since only invitees have access, you maintain a high degree of confidentiality and privacy. It’s both easy and secure.

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All your due diligence documents in one place

Use the Flow to share due diligence checklists and request documents. Because it’s asynchronous, each team can work at its own pace and is notified when there are updates.

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Gather responses with ease

Stay up to date. TakeTurns notifies you when the target organization responds to your requests. Use the built-in chat to ask questions, resolve issues, and keep everyone on the same page.

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Track progress

Get a big picture of the entire process. See a complete timeline of all documents, requests, queries and communications. The audit trail helps demonstrate thorough due diligence and adherence to compliance standards.

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Raise the bar on privacy and confidentiality

When due diligence is performed via email, all that sensitive information remains in inboxes and file shares after the process is complete.  Not with TakeTurns. All the content is automatically archived and removed after you wrap up.

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