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Introducing the all-new TakeTurns
We’re thrilled to introduce the all-new TakeTurns. It’s our first major release since launch. It’s the result of feedback we received from our awesome user base. We think this update makes TakeTurns the safest, easiest way to work with people outside your organization.
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TakeTurns for

External Document Collaboration

Security and confidentiality are key concerns when collaborating on documents with external stakeholders. Instead of email, with its confusing and insecure threads, use TakeTurns. It’s one place to share documents, exchange revisions with external users.

It all starts with a TakeTurns Flow™

Invite each external user to a secure workspace

External participants join your Flow without having to sign up, they just verify their email. Since only invitees get access, you maintain confidentiality and reduce the risk of accidental data disclosures.

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Exchange revisions and avoid conflicting edits

Everyone works asynchronously at their own pace with their own tools (e.g., Word).  When sending revisions and updates, use a rich text note, or use the built-in chat to discuss issues and provide insight.

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Track each version you’ve exchanged

Each new version is automatically retained to populate an accurate and transparent document history. This ensures everyone is always working from the latest version.

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Track the progress of your collaboration

Both parties get a big picture view of what’s going on. See a complete timeline of the document collaboration—including revisions exchanged, requests, and messages.

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See all your ongoing collaborations on one page

Monitor the progress of all your open Flows. See what you have to do, get status, identify bottlenecks, and adjust project timelines effectively.

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