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Why We Went With a Progressive Web App

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Matthieu Rocher
Matthieu Rocher
Senior Software Developer
Why We Went With a Progressive Web App

TakeTurns is designed to improve how you collaborate with external stakeholders, such as clients, partners, suppliers, and vendors.  These kinds of collaborations, or external collaborations, are challenging because you need to figure out how to work together. After all, each organization has diverse policies, procedures, and tools (not to mention geographies and time zones!) that need to be aligned if the collaborations are work smoothly. It’s one big reason why external collaborations are asynchronous by default.  And it’s also a reason why we default to email (that productivity black hole) when working with folks outside our company.  

Helping you (and your external parties) mediate those differences, facilitate effective collaboration, and improve your day-to-day productivity is why we built TakeTurns.  When compared to email, TakeTurns is more secure, structured, and transparent.  

When planning our mobile strategy, we initially considered native apps for Android and iOS. However, realizing that TakeTurns doesn’t rely on specific hardware features, we opted for a Progressive Web App (PWA). This decision wasn’t just about cost-effectiveness; it was about quickly delivering a mobile solution that works seamlessly across all devices. (Check out this demonstrator if you’re curious about the capabilities of PWAs).

What’s a Progressive Web App and what makes them cool?

In simple terms, a PWA is a web application using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebAssembly. It functions on any device with a browser, offering an app-like experience. For a more detailed understanding, you can check out the Wikipedia page on Progressive Web Applications.

The cool things that the TakeTurns PWA brings to the table:

Secure Sharing Environment:

Our PWA is served over HTTPS, ensuring all collaborative content is kept safe and secure. All collaborative content exchanged via TakeTurns is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. This feature is particularly vital for sensitive information and offers peace of mind to users handling confidential data.

Zero-friction Participation:

The ease of access with PWAs streamlines the onboarding process for your collaboration participants. Users can immediately start using TakeTurns without the traditional barriers of downloading and installing an app from an app store. This simplicity enhances the user experience from the outset.

Instant Updates:

Unlike native apps that require manual updates through an app store, going with a PWA means our users always have the latest version when they use TakeTurns.

Reliable Anywhere Collaboration:

The incorporation of service workers in our PWA allows for effective offline functionality. This is useful for users in areas with unreliable or spotty internet connections or those who travel frequently. It ensures that productivity isn't hindered by connectivity issues, allowing for continuous collaboration and adherence to deadlines.

Engagement-Driven Notifications:

Push notifications are a key feature of our PWA, designed to keep users informed and engaged. These notifications alert users to updates and changes in their collaborations, prompting timely responses and maintaining a consistent engagement level. 

Performance and Efficiency:

The lightweight nature of our PWA means it doesn't consume significant device storage, yet it still delivers high performance comparable to native apps.

Cost-Effective Scalability:

Choosing a PWA approach has allowed us to reduce both our initial development and ongoing maintenance costs. This efficiency translates into more resources being available for enhancing user experience and developing new features, ensuring that TakeTurns continues to evolve and improve in line with our users' needs.

User Experience at the Forefront

We've designed TakeTurns with user experience as a priority. Our PWA not only functions well but is also intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring users can focus on the details of their collaboration instead of figuring out how to use the app.

What’s Next?

We are constantly exploring ways to enhance TakeTurns. Future updates may include more personalized features, improved user interfaces, and deeper integration with other tools.  

Try TakeTurns: The Safer, Easier Way to Work with People Outside of Your Organization

TakeTurns is your one place to share, collect, and collaborate on business-critical documents and files with your clients, vendors, partners—or any external organization. It turns that clutter of emails, attachments, shared folders, and messages into a structured, secure, and transparent TakeTurns Flow.  Ready to improve how you collaborate externally? Try TakeTurns for free.

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