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TakeTurns Tips: View all your collaborations on one page

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|  by
Clare Nosowitz
Clare Nosowitz
Customer Success Manager
TakeTurns Tips
TakeTurns Tips: View all your collaborations on one page

In many organizations keeping track of all your external collaborations can be a mess. It often requires piecing together multiple email threads (and sometimes communications from other assorted tools).

In TakeTurns, we make it easy. You can share and collect files, collaborate on documents, write detailed update messages and quick chats all in a single platform. We’ll help you keep all the content and communications for each of your external collaboration projects together. 

And, we also help you keep track of all your external collaborations by providing a list of all your collaborations

In your collaboration list, you get a view of all of your collaborations, and a snapshot of the status of each one, all on a single page. Sort and filter to refine the list, and see at a glance which party has work to do in each collaboration. If you need a more detailed view of the status of a particular collaboration, you can click into the Recap directly from the collaboration list. 

How to view your collaboration list

  1. Navigate to the collaborations screen to view a complete list of all your collaborations
  2. To access different views, use the dropdown menu, or the main menu and select from the following views: some text
    • Active collaborations 
    • Starred collaborations 
    • Pending invitations
    • Closed collaborations
  1. Use sorting and filtering to refine your view

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to elevate the way you work with external stakeholders, are interested in a demo, or just want to reach out, click here to discover the transformative impact TakeTurns can have on your external collaborations.

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