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TakeTurns Tips: Using the chat

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|  by
Clare Nosowitz
Clare Nosowitz
Customer Success Manager
TakeTurns Tips
TakeTurns Tips: Using the chat

TakeTurns offers a chat inside every collaboration. This allows you to keep all your communications about the collaboration in one place, right alongside all your documents and files. TakeTurns chat works on all your devices, letting you communicate with your external stakeholders while you’re on the go, without the use of other applications. 

TakeTurns will send you an email digest of unread chat messages on an hourly basis. Once you wrap-up, you can also choose to include chat messages when you download the collaboration archive

The chat is visible to all participants, and leaders, contributors, and followers can send chat messages. 

How to use the chat

  1. Open the chat in the sidebar on the right hand side of the collaboration screen
  2. Type your message in the bottom of the chat window
  3. Reply and react to messages by mousing over them

Opening the TakeTurns Chat and sending a message

Closing Thoughts

TakeTurns makes collaboration on documents and files with your clients, vendors, partners —or any party— structured, secure, and transparent. To make sure you get the most out of TakeTurns, we’ve produced these articles detailing the most important tips and tricks. As always you can check out the help center to obtain full details on any feature mentioned in this article. If you’re not already a TakeTurns subscriber, when you’re ready for chaos-free collaboration: try TakeTurns for free

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