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TakeTurns Tips: Request Granularity

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|  by
Clare Nosowitz
Clare Nosowitz
Customer Success Manager
TakeTurns Tips
TakeTurns Tips: Request Granularity

TakeTurns requests are an easy way to collect documents and files. Simply make requests for documents and files you need the other party to provide. Request fulfillment is tracked, so you can always see which items are still outstanding, and what documents were provided for each request that has been fulfilled. 

One frequent question is “how granular should my requests be?” The answer is that you can determine how granular to make your requests, according to the needs of your project. Requests are designed to be flexible, so you can use them in the way that best suits your use case. Each request also has a description field where you can include instructions for the other party. 

Here are two examples of how requests can be used with different levels of granularity:

  • Use multiple requests to create a checklist of specific documents or files that need to be supplied by the other party, one request per item required. 
  • Use a single request (or a few requests) to ask for a group (or groups) of documents and/or files. In TakeTurns, you can fulfill a request with multiple files. If multiple files are supplied to fulfill a single request, TakeTurns will create a folder to keep those items together. 

How to request documents and files in TakeTurns:

  1. Click on the + Request files button
  2. In the request window, type a name and a description
  3. Click on the Add button to add the request.

If you’re ready to elevate the way you work with external stakeholders, are interested in a demo, or just want to reach out, click here to discover the transformative impact TakeTurns can have on your external collaborations.

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