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TakeTurns Tips: External Collaborations Need Transparency

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|  by
Clare Nosowitz
Clare Nosowitz
Customer Success Manager
TakeTurns Tips
TakeTurns Tips: External Collaborations Need Transparency

Email is the most commonly used tool for collaborating with external stakeholders, but it has a lot of limitations. When working on business-critical collaborations with external stakeholders, transparency throughout your interaction is essential for building trust between parties. 

However, how much transparency is too much transparency?

Real-time editing platforms can expose too much. You and your external stakeholders want to be able to view document version history, manage deadlines, and make sure your records match when your work is done, but probably don’t want to reveal your internal thought process and strategic intent. As we wrote in our article Top Reasons to Avoid Google Docs When Collaborating with External Stakeholders, “professional documents are like sausages, it’s best not to see them being made.” 

TakeTurns promotes transparency throughout your collaborations, helping to build trust with external stakeholders without compromising professionalism. 

  • Versioning: document and file revision history
  • Set backup participants: add anyone that needs to follow or support the collaboration and set roles
  • Recap: View all messages and files in one timeline 
  • Set deadlines: add deadlines that are visible to all participants
  • Wrap-up: Formally end the collaboration when your work is done
  • Download an archive: Generate a full archive (including all messages and  file versions) so everyone’s records match

If you’re ready to elevate the way you work with external stakeholders, are interested in a demo, or just want to reach out, click here to discover the transformative impact TakeTurns can have on your external collaborations.

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