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TakeTurns Tips: Avoid the risk of email data graveyards

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|  by
Clare Nosowitz
Clare Nosowitz
Customer Success Manager
TakeTurns Tips
TakeTurns Tips: Avoid the risk of email data graveyards

Most of us conduct the vast majority of our business communications in email. And because businesses have increasingly migrated to cloud solutions, the space limitations that used to force us to periodically clean out our inboxes have been functionally removed. As a result, many of our email inboxes have become data graveyards (or “email data graveyards,”), indefinitely persisting sensitive information in a location that is notoriously risky and vulnerable to attack. 

A data graveyard is an “accumulation of unmanaged data.” The opposite of a data graveyard is a properly managed, maintained, and organized data archive. But how many of us are properly managing and archiving our emails

This is a problem for businesses in particular because business inboxes are frequently targeted in cyberattacks known as Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams. One common type of BEC is Vendor Email Compromise (VEC). In VEC, attackers use phishing emails to access vendor’s email accounts and then mine the inbox data graveyard to obtain banking information, contacts, billing schedules, etc.. Then, they use the email account they’ve accessed to target the vendor’s customers to misdirect and collect payments. The monetary consequences can be enormous, and these attacks can also damage the vendor’s reputation and relationships.  

TakeTurns can help businesses avoid VEC, BEC, and the alphabet soup of cyberattacks. Use TakeTurns to collect and share sensitive information, such as the financial information exchanged during vendor or customer onboarding. Using TakeTurns keeps this information out of your inbox, and out of the inboxes belonging to the people you collaborate with. And, take advantage of our ephemeral storage by using Wrap Up to formally conclude your collaborations. Once you’ve wrapped up, all the participants in your collaboration have the opportunity to download an archive of all the files, documents, and communications that were exchanged. Then, after a grace period, all the collaboration content is permanently deleted, preventing a data graveyard. 

How to Wrap Up in TakeTurns

  1. Open the menu (the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner) and choose Wrap-up
  2. Type a brief (optional) message to your other party explaining why you’re wrapping-up
  3. Click confirm to wrap-up

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to elevate the way you work with external stakeholders, are interested in a demo, or just want to reach out, click here to discover the transformative impact TakeTurns can have on your external collaborations.

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