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TakeTurns Tips: Add a new participant

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|  by
Clare Nosowitz
Clare Nosowitz
Customer Success Manager
TakeTurns Tips
TakeTurns Tips: Add a new participant

When, in the course of an external collaboration, it becomes necessary for you to add a new participant, TakeTurns makes it easy.  There are a wide range of reasons why new participants might be required – for example, in some collaborations SMEs or other internal stakeholders are added to weigh in, review, and comment. Or, perhaps you need to add colleagues from another department to advance to the next stage of your work.

Getting these new joiners up to speed can be a challenge. We’ve simplified the process by providing your new participants tools to see what transpired before they joined.  They can view the recap to see everything that’s happened so far and review all the communications (notes and chats) that have been exchanged. They can view all the previous versions of the files and documents in the collaboration. This is a big difference from email-driven collaborations. In those, it can be hard to get a new person to understand what’s already happened and what you need them to do without forwarding them every single thread in your inbox and writing an executive summary. 

How to add participants

  1. Click on the Participant button
  2. In the participant window, you can add a participant in one of the two parties
  3. Type an email and select the role of the new participant
  4. Click on the Invite button

The new participant will be added to the list of Pending Invitations until they accept the invitation.

Please note that the invitation will be sent as soon as you click on the Invite button.

Adding participants to an external collaboration

Once they accept, the new participant can view the Recap to get caught up!

How to view the Recap

  1. Click on the Recap button in the header of the collaboration
  2. The recap will be displayed in a new screen

Viewing the collaboration recap

If you’re ready to elevate the way you work with external stakeholders, are interested in a demo, or just want to reach out, click here to discover the transformative impact TakeTurns can have on your external collaborations.

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