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Product update: Passwordless invitations, rich text notes, and more

At Every Turn TakeTurns Blog
|  by
Mickaël Chevalier
Mickaël Chevalier
Co-founder & CTO
Product update: Passwordless invitations, rich text notes, and more

Warm autumn wishes from all of us at TakeTurns! 🍂

We've been hard at work this October, and we're thrilled to bring you some fantastic updates:

  • Passwordless invitations: Say goodbye to password hassles! Joining a TakeTurns collaboration is now even easier. Your participants can jump right in without the initial sign-up step.
  • Rich Text Notes: Craft and personalize your messages like never before! From invitations to turn updates, enjoy the flexibility of rich text formatting. 

We've also made several performance and UX tweaks too! Our web application is now smoother and faster, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Curious about more details? Dive in here. Need assistance or have suggestions? Visit the Help Center or send us questions, comments, or suggestions by clicking the Ask Support button.

Passwordless invitations

In our latest release, we’ve simplified the experience for people you invite to TakeTurns while maintaining a high standard of security. 

Invitees verify their identity by entering a one-time code to access a collaboration. There is no sign-up/registration required for people you invite. This makes it easy for your invitees and while keeping things as secure as a full signup.

Invitees can choose to complete their profile (name, avatar…) and set a password later, but only if they want. 

Passwordless logins are fully supported in TakeTurns

Rich text notes

When you send a note to the other party to end or skip your turn, recall a turn or wrap-up a collaboration, you can now write a rich text note. Our editor includes all text formatting options such as style, sizes, alignments, lists…

Send rich text notes to everyone that is participating in the collaboration
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