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Introducing Recap, a complete timeline of your collaborations

At Every Turn TakeTurns Blog
|  by
Matthieu Rocher
Matthieu Rocher
Senior Software Developer
Introducing Recap, a complete timeline of your collaborations

We’re thrilled to announce a major new feature in TakeTurns: Recap.

Have you ever wanted to see your entire collaboration on one page, read all the messages exchanged, and see who did what and when? 

Well, you’re in luck because that’s what Recap is for! 

See everything and everyone all at once

With recap, you see all the activity of a collaboration on a timeline. It’s an audit trail that shows what occurred in the collaboration in order: all the turns, documents added or updated, requests added or fulfilled, messages, and chats.

TakeTurns recap provides a complete history of your collaboration

Bring anyone up to speed quickly 

Remember the effort required to brief a colleague, expert, or supervisor on your collaborations? With Recap, new participants can instantly grasp the full context in one click. The cherry on top? The Recap is always up to date because it’s updated automatically.

Track activity of team members

One cool feature of TakeTurns is the ghost role. It’s frequently used by managers, compliance, and legal who need to follow the activity of their team members. With recap, it’s now even easier to jump into the collaboration and see all the activity at a glance.

Try Recap (and TakeTurns) Today 

Recap is one of the ways that TakeTurns is improving how we all collaborate. To learn more about TakeTurns visit our Help Center or follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube. And, if you’d like to  give the Recap a try, sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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