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TakeTurns raises 3 million euros in seed financing from Elaia to deploy its collaboration tool internationally

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October 11, 2023 - TakeTurns has raised 3 million euros in seed financing from Elaia, a historical investor in Christophe Barriolade's previous company, Orchestra Networks. TakeTurns' mission is to help professionals better collaborate with the outside world. Its application allows to collaborate turn-by-turn with external parties on documents and files.

A new way to collaborate with the outside world

“When working on documents or files with a customer, supplier, partner—or any party—everyone falls back on email exchanges because no one uses the same applications. Who hasn’t suffered from those email threads where it is impossible to know who is doing what, where is the latest version of a document, or who is really participating? This is one of the reasons why professionals spend up to a third of their time in their inbox.” explains Christophe Barriolade, co-founder and CEO of TakeTurns.

TakeTurns is aimed at professionals–such as freelancers, lawyers, accountants, salespeople, marketing managers, or consultants–that need to be on equal-footing when they work with other parties (often external parties) on documents and files. All professionals can use TakeTurns from independent/sole proprietors to enterprises.  

Founded in September 2021 by Christophe Barriolade, CEO, and Mickael Chevalier, CTO, the company has a presence in France (Paris) and the United States (Boston). TakeTurns is implementing a freemium model and offers free and paid plans available in 42 countries.

Fundraising of €3m to deploy its collaboration tool internationally

This seed round raised from Elaia will allow TakeTurns to develop its user base, pursue its ambitious roadmap and accelerate its recruitment plan in France and the United States.

Armelle de Tinguy, Investment Director at Elaia, adds: “After the great success of Orchestra Networks (acquired by TIBCO Software in 2018), we are delighted to support Christophe in his new adventure once again. We were impressed by the vision and ambition of TakeTurns: to revolutionize external collaboration between companies via an approach centered on the product and the user experience. TakeTurns effectively responds to the growing security needs and the challenges of ever-increasing and complex collaborations. That said, the TakeTurns team is undoubtedly its most valuable asset. Christophe and Mickael's experience and execution-oriented mindset will enable them to realize their ambitious vision. We are very happy to support them in this first step.”

Charity integrated into the mission of TakeTurns

In parallel with its activity, the founders and first employees of TakeTurns created an association called Managed by employees, aims to carry out charitable activities to benefit children in need.

“From the company's start, we wanted to impact our communities positively. carries out actions on the ground for children in need. We believe this will give additional meaning to the success of TakeTurns.”, says Mickael Chevalier, co-founder, and CTO of TakeTurns.

About TakeTurns

TakeTurns enables collaboration without the chaos.

TakeTurns is a secure, turn-based collaboration app where two parties take turns to share, request or update files and documents. With TakeTurns, everyone knows whose turn it is to work, gets a full history of the collaboration, and keeps everything secure and confidential. More importantly, it integrates seamlessly with everyone’s workflow and favorite applications.  Using TakeTurns, you’ll spend less time managing your inbox and more time doing meaningful work.

Created in September 2021, TakeTurns is based in Paris and Boston.

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