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Better contract negotiations with TakeTurns

Are you still relying on email when working with your counterparties?

When you negotiate contracts, reaching an agreement is hard enough. Why make things more difficult for you and your counterparties by using email?  TakeTurns is a new way to collaborate with people outside your organization on contracts and agreements. Our platform adds the structure, security, and transparency that’s been missing from email, which are the root causes of many of the inefficiencies found in the contract negotiation process.

As a technology vendor, we’re never going to set your negotiation strategy or flag important issues–that’s your job.  But what we can do is provide a platform that removes much of the confusion and complexity added by email.

How contract negotiations work in TakeTurns


Maintain continuity over the course of your negotiations

For individuals email is a well-known productivity black hole. The volume of messages, combined with the lack of structure, makes it hard to find specific emails and attachments. For you and your counterparties, the whole team, email’s lack of organization makes maintaining continuity challenging.  The turn-based design of TakeTurns helps keep everyone on the same page.


Ephemeral storage preserves the confidentiality of what was negotiated

In email-based contract negotiations every detail and document is persisted in every participants’ inbox. This proliferation issue creates long term compliance and security risks.  It’s a reason many lawyers are looking for alternatives to email. Our ephemeral storage based-approach addresses the proliferation issue by removing all contents upon completion of your collaboration.


Foster trust with improved transparency

In contract negotiations transparency is crucial, it fosters trust. One way TakeTurns promotes greater transparency is via wrap-up, our formal process for concluding collaborations.  When you wrap up, everyone receives the same system-generated collaboration archive that includes every version of the contract (and files) that were exchanged during the negotiation.  This is something that can’t be done in email today.