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Secure Turn-based Collaboration

When you collaborate with counterparties on documents and files there’s a good chance it’s on something important: business agreements, client & vendor records, audit & compliance, legal documentation...

A secure, structured, and transparent environment is required for you and your counterparties to work on equal footing.

That’s why our users have switched from email or file sharing to TakeTurns.

TakeTurns is a turn-based collaboration app where two parties take turns to review, request or update files and documents. With TakeTurns, you always know whose turn it is to work, get a full history of your collaborations and keep everything secure and confidential.
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Things you can do with TakeTurns

Contract negotiation

Negotiate, review and redline contacts with third parties.
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Collecting accounting files

Monthly file requests for monthly close with accountants
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Sales proposals

Share and negotiate sales quotes and proposals


Edit and review non disclosure agreements


Request documents and organize the audit review process

Vendor onboarding

Share onboarding forms, collect documents, review RFx
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Client project delivery

Share and review project deliverables


Request documents for KYC compliance
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Working with people outside of your organization
shouldn’t be a struggle

Unfortunately, email-centric collaboration is the default when we share, request, and review documents and files with external parties. It’s annoying for everyone and creates serious security and confidentiality issues.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

TakeTurns makes external collaboration
easy and secure

With TakeTurns you invite your external parties to a secure shared workspace where you collaborate turn by turn.  Each party works the way they wish and uses TakeTurns to collaborate at arm's length.  

It’s structured, secure, and transparent

How it works


Share or request documents & files

Upload any document or file you want to share, or make requests from the other party.

Invite a party to collaborate

Invite who you want to participate and set their roles.

Collaborate turn-by-turn

Both parties take turns sharing, reviewing, and revising the documents and files. TakeTurns keeps history of everything.

Engage with participants

Use the built-in notes and chat to add comments, discuss issues, or ask questions to everyone on the collaboration.

Wrap-up securely

When you’re done, you “Wrap up” to get a complete archive of the collaboration. TakeTurns protects your privacy and confidentiality by removing everything after a grace period.

Everything you need for successful collaborations

Share any docs & files

Upload documents & files to share with your external parties

File revisions

Add file revisions and track updates throughout the collaboration

File requests

Create requests to collect documents & files from the other party

Ask to review

Request the other party to review files

Lock files

Block the other party from updating files

Set participant roles

Leaders, contributors, followers or even invisible (ghost)


Capture discussions with the other participants in the collaboration’s chat channel

View file history

View all file revisions across the collaboration

Turn-based collaboration

Send your updates to pass control to the other party

Recall a turn


Undo your previous turn and avoid mistakes

Download archives

Download an archive of all file versions at the end of a collaboration

Ephemeral storage

Keep your collaborations  secure and private, by removing all content after wrapping up.

Learn more in our Help Center and our YouTube Channel

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